June 14, 2015

One Color

Blazer: F21 // Shirt: H&M // Shorts: F21 // Shoes: Zara

I got so tan the past week it is ridiculous. I've been working out outside a lot with the raider team in AFJROTC to get ready for the summer leadership course that this class offers. I am so excited for it! It's going to be really tough for me in the beginning but this makes it more fun. Later on in mid July there is another summer leadership course that is for the Marine Corps. I am going to be so tan... Anyways now to take a look on the outfit for today. I have seen a lot of outfits that consist of a lot of different materials but in the same color. And it seems so interesting to me that I wanted to try it out. I love how it has so many details in such a simple outfit. School is finally over next week, so there will be more time to post.

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