September 29, 2014


A HUGE thank you to SpookyEyes for giving me the opportunity to review one of their awesome contact lenses! It is also my first time to be able to review something and I was really surprised. They send me these contact lenses, and I must say WOW! I was able to scare off some of my friends, the moment I have received it. These contact lenses are great because the idea of it is to.

SpookyEyes Contacts are high quality color contacts. They are soft and comfortable to wear. These white color contact lenses are easy and comfortable to wear. They are easy to use and to clean. Their life span is up to 12 months and they are also FDA approved. As well is the guarantee to refund any item that the receiver is not completely happy with it.

Size: 14.5mm
Price: $28,95
Shipping: FREE

I can't wait to be able to review more items, and as well a huge thank you to etailPR  for giving me the opportunity for it!

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